Article 1 : General provisions U

The tenant will not be able to in no case to prevail himself any right of the maintenance in the places to expiry
period initially envisaged on its leasing agreement.

Article 2 :Use of the places.

The tenant will enjoy the hiring a peaceful manner and will make good use of it, in accordance with the destination of the places.
Furnished only by the people having concluded the hiring can be occupied.

The tenant engages to return furnished, with his departure,very clean cleaned and arranged, washed crockery, emptied dustbins, folded covers.
If the tenant wishes it, it will be able to avoid making the cleaning of the departure with the help of a fixed price of 60 €
One private garage
in basement with a protected access is at your disposal with the help of a lump sum of 50€ per week if you make the request of it

Article 3 : Arrival - Departure.

Arrival : Except contrary stipulation the arrivals take place saturdays afternoon between 16h00 and 19h00.
If arrived is after 20h, the tenant will have to sleep with hotel with his expenses and to take possession of his hiring the following day.

The payment of the totality of the hiring (including the guarantee + hiring of the household linen + garage if the tenant has to reserve this option)
must be carried out has its arrival (in species or cheque). The keys will be given only after payment.
The tenant must contact the owner 60 minutes before his arrivé to ensure its reception.

The keys will be given only to the tenant having made the reservation.

Departure:  The departures take place the morning between 9h00 and 10h00. You must leave apartment free, and return the keys to its owner
The hiring must to be very clean and pieces of furniture arranged as on your arrival.
If the departure must carry out before 8h00 morning the tenant what is necessary to leave the places the day before will have to do

Article 4 Deposit or guarantee

It is perceived on your arrival a guarantee (deposit) an amount of 500 € which will be returned to you at the end of your stay,
at the latest 8 days after its dé leaves except in the event of damage

If damage is noted the tenant will have to pay the totality of the repairing of the damage even if the
amount of repairs exceeds the amount of the guarantee. If a damaged element makes party a unit and cannot be replaced with identical, the replacement
of this unit will be claimed with the tenant.with regard to the kitchen utensils the tenant commits himself replacing the é ventuels cassé objects

Article 5   Household linen

The household linen is not provided (cloths  slips pillows, hand towels, cloths etc …) You must bring with you or to rent on the spot it,
the owner proposes hiring of linen, but you must reserve it fifteen days before your arrival.

Article 6Number occupying

With the case where the number of accepted people exceeds the number which is mentioned on the leasing agreement,
their presence would involve the immediate rupture of this contract.

Article 7 Animals

Except explicit agreement of the hirer out, the animals, even familiar, are not allowed.
Their presence would involve the rupture of this contract.

Article 8Cancellation of the hiring

In case cancellation of the hiring no matter what it can occur (disease, accident, or unforeseen event)
on behalf of the tenant 7 days or less before his arrival must be meant with the owner by letter registered with acknowledgement of delivery, or by Fax
and the abandonment by the aforementioned tenant of the paid installment involves, and obligation to pay the balance of the total amount of lodging.
It is strongly advised with the tenant to subscribe an Insurance cancellation covering the risk not to keep to its own commitments.

Arti_cle 9 Interruption of stay

In the event of anticipated interruption of the stay, will not be carried out to any refunding, the totality of the versed amount
of the hiring remains sure with the owner except that of the deposit (guarantee)

Article 10 : Work urgency

The tenant will support without deduction of the rent and allowance, execution of repairs and work falling to the owner
for which urgency and the need would appear during the hiring it will be the same in case interruption or disturbance
in the operation of the public services (water electricity etc.)

Article 11 : Insurances

The tenant is held to ensure his Civil liability Holiday for the room which is rented to him, it must thus check if his multirisk contract dwelling
of its main home extension holiday (hiring holidays ) envisages. In assumption contrary, it must subscribe extension necessary
covering its Civil liability (tenant's risks) for fire, the damage of water, lasting the period of the hiring.

Article 12: Handicap.

the apartment is not designed to receive handicapped people if nevertheless those want to rent this apartment
nevertheless it will be under their whole responsibility.



Article 1 :